Constitution of Governing Body

Number Category Nature Name of the Body Member
5 Members Management Trust or Management as per the constitution or byelaws, with the Chairman or President/Director as the chariperson 1) Dr. Sanjay Omkarnath Malpani
2) Dr. Anil Panalal Rathi
3) CA Narayan Jagannath Kalantri
4) Mr. Rajkumar Ratilal Gandhi
5) Dr. Ashutosh Narayan Mali
2 Members Teacher of the College Nominated by the Principal based on seniority by rotation 1) Dr. Laddha Rajendra Shankarlal
2) Mr. Pingle Shrihari Ashok
1 Member Educationist or industrialist Nominated by the management 1) Shri. Rajesh Malpani
1 Member UGC Nominee Nominated by the UGC 1) Letter Forwarded
1 Member State Government Nominee Academician not below the rank of professor or State Government official
of Directorate of Higher Education/ State Council of Higher Education
1) Dr. Mohan Khatal
1 Member University Nominee Nominated by the University 1) Dr. Giramkar Kanhu Laxman
1 Member Principal of College Ex-Officio 1) Dr. Arun Hari Gaikwad

Notices & Circulars