For the people of all ages,
to live more mindful & healthier lives

SHRI MADHAVLAL MALPANI YOGA & NATUROPATHY CENTRE is both a hospital for treating diseases, and a retreat centre to orient your thinking to lead a natural and ‘Satvik’ life. The aim of hospital is not only to provide relief or to cure your ailments but also to educate to follow a simple, regulated, natural life style for maintaining good health throughout. Giving up vices and incorrect habits like drinking alcohol, smoking, chewing betel leaf, Zarda, tobacco, pan masala etc. and on the other hand, eating restrictedly, not only during your stay in the Hospital but also at home, will go a long way in attaining a good health.


Yoga & Naturopathy centre is an exclusive feature of Sangamner College. This centre runs a diploma course in Naturopathy, which is affiliated to Tilak Maharashtra Open University, Pune, Maharashtra. Along with this, the center provides many facilities to enrich the living standard.

Features of the Center:
  • A 20 bed IPD
  • Library facility for students & patients. This is a rich collection of books on health sciences and yoga-naturopathy.
  • Treatment on Back, Neck, Lumber pain, sciatica, Obesity, Diabetis, Hypertention, Slip-Disk etc by Naturopathic Therapy.
  • Water Therapy: Steam bath, Spinal bath, Tub bath, Arm foot bath, Seats bath, Enima etc therapies are available.
  • Physiotherapy: Vectrosteam, Ultrasound massage, Traction, Shortwave diathermy, Wax bath, IR lamp etc facilities are available.
  • Exercise: The stepper, Static bicycle, Multipurpose Gym, Exercise kit
  • Yogic treatment: Yogasan, Pranayam, Shudhhikriya
  • Onkar therapy: To treat high as well as low blood pressure
  • Accupuncture
  • Accupressure
  • Magnet Therapy
  • Juice Centre
  • Massage:Traditional Indian massage , Keralite massage, Chinease massage are given here. The centre has separate sections and experts for gents & ladies
  • Meditation: Various scientific methods of Meditationuits.
  • Amritras: Specific diseases are treated using the juices of wheat, Bottle Gourd, Karela, Carrot, various fruits & vegetables. etc.