Established in 1962, Philosophy Department is one of the grantable departments in the College.

The department is established under the leadership of the then (Late) Principle and the Architect of the college, Social Thinker as well as Revolutionary Educationist Prof. Madhusudan Kaundinya. 'Teaching and Learning Philosophy' was urban fashion, Principle Kaundinya ventured to introduce Philosophy to the rural students in the decade of 1960's.

Philosophy as a subject is mammoth by itself and studying it, develops one's thinking and reasoning about issues of society, human relationship to human created environment and the world around. It develops one's skills in argumentation. It also helps one to confront the hidden assumptions of other disciplines, and it concretes the foundation of all the disciplines of the present and of the future. Philosophy encourages intellectual values like open mindedness, tolerance of different opinions etc.

The department believes that 'Philosophy responds to intellectual challenges posed by society and by the acquisition and organization of knowledge worldwide. It reflects on current practices in the light of past performances, while seeking to develop new perspectives on current problems.'

The objectives of the department are set in tune with this empirical belief.


At the outset (Late) Professor Atre, a then very distinguished philosophy teacher was founder of the department and the first Head of the Department. He retired in 1985. (Late) Professor M. L. Potfode, another very distinguished philosophy teacher succeeded Professor Atre. Professor Potfode retired in 1991.

Prof. Arte : Founder (Retd in 1985)
Prof. Potphode (Retd in 1991)