Library Membership

Ques.1 - Who can become the library member?

Students - All those students who are admitted in college are members of the Library.

Teachers - All those teachers who are appointed in college are the members of the library.

External Members - Those members other than the students and teachers,wishes to join the library to utilize tits resources can join the library as an external members (e.g. Local citizens, External Students)

Institutional Membership - All the educational institutes can become the members of the institutional member of the library.

Temporary Members - Other than the members of the library those people who wish to utilize library resources for their study can become the temporary member of the library for the day or a week.

Note :- Please see the library rules for detailed information. (Click here for see the library Rules)

Ques.2 - What can be Photocopied?

Maximum 20 pages can be photocopied from a book . Entire book cannot be photocopied. Ph.D. thesis and dissertations can not be photocopied.