The Department of Philosophy, established in 1965, is a Teaching and Research Department. Late Professor M. L. Potfode, a very distinguished philosophy teacher was the first Head of the Department. Late Professor Atre, another very distinguished philosophy teacher succeeded Professor Potfode.

Few special features of the department

The faculty is well versed in both Indian and Western philosophy and various branches in Applied Philosophy. These areas are well integrated in the faculty teaching and research. Also, the factuly is actively engaged with an ongoing major research project funded by UGC, New Delhi.

The Department conducts three years B. A. Programme in Philosophy. It is one of the major departments in University of Pune, Pune running Philosophy at major and general level.

The course in Philosophy at special level, is conducted only in four colleges under Pune University and this department is one of them. The department has maintained its standard up to the mark by taking it to the common people and on application level.

Philosophy as a subject is mammoth by itself and studying it develops your thinking and reasoning about issues of controversy and develops your skills in argumentation. It also helps you to confront the hidden assumptions of other disciplines. Philosophy encourages intellectual values like open mindedness, tolerance of different opinions etc. Whatever way you look at it, Philosophy can supplement and compliment your other studies. Specializations are available in Western and Indian philosophies.

Websites of the Department :There was one website at the time of first NAAC Accreditation. As on today three more websites have been created for the sake of and conveniences of students. Not less than 800 pages of A4 sizes of notes have been uploaded on these websites. One website is fully devoted to notes for students only and this website is interlinked with other websites.

(1) (English)

(2) (Marathi)

(3) (Marathi)

Goals/Objectives of the department
  • To make students aware Of their Existence !
  • To take philosophy to common people, masses, stakeholders, etc.
  • To analyse social issues and topics philosophically through multi-media.
  • To bridge up the gap between the subject and life.
  • To improve the relationship among the elements concerned.
  • To accomplish the criteria of research work set up by NAAC, UGC and 5S evaluation introduced by Sanstha.
  • To enrich ourselves and impart this richness to society & students.
  • To make thinking process clear and evident .
  • To teach students, how to know and interpret the world.
Mission statement of the department
  • Virtue is Knowledge.
  • Knowledge in itself is Power.