Sangamner College has its own state of the Art Gymkhana with a wide variety of facilities for indoor as well as outdoor sports. The department has a vital role in shaping the budding sportsmen of India. Following specifications would be enough to describe the strengths of the department.

Sports Facilities
  • 400 M Track With 08 Lean ( Soil Type)
  • High Jump And Pole Vault Crash Mat Set
  • Hurdles
  • Running Spikes And Cross Country Shoes ( As Per Requirement)
  • All Types Of Throwing And Jumping Equipment
  • Wrestling Mat And Mat Cover
  • Fencing (Epee,Foil,Saber Swords With All Types Of Equipments)
  • Softball And Baseball (All Types Of Equipments)
  • Football And Handball With Goal Post Set
  • Hockey ( All Types Of Equipments With Turf Shoes / Sempad /Stocking , Goal Keeper Kit – Sets)
  • Badminton And Table Tennis ( Table) With All Types Of Equipments
  • Basketball And Netball (All Types Of Equipments)
  • Archery (All Types Of Equipments With Bow & Target Face Set)
  • Volleyball (All Types Of Equipments)
  • Chess And Carom Board
  • Kabaddi And Kho –Kho ( Knee Caps / Kho-Kho Pole)
  • Mallakhamb
  • Cricket (All Types Of Equipments)
Gym and Physical Education Facilities
  • 16 Station And 12 Station Multi – Gym Machine
  • Thiess, Caps And Lower Back Muscle Exercise & Strength Development Machine
  • Pulling Exercise Machine
  • Abdominal Exercise Machine
  • Bench Press Table
  • Weight Lifting Bars & Plates
  • Bulworker / Spring Bulworker
  • Double Bar Sets / Single Bar Sets
  • Rope Climbing Bar With Rope
  • Exercise Dumbbells
  • Dips Stands
  • Spring Board
  • Medicine Balls
  • Wrist Grip Exerciser
  • Exercise Bicycle