The Department of Electronic Science was established by S.P. Sanstha in June 1985.The Department is having precious building of 2106 sq. feet area and has well-equipped laboratories consisting of equipment’s required for development of skillsets in electronics. The department has track record of delivering consistent academic results. The alumni of department are employed by well-known fields like Government sectors, Design & Development, Consumer Electronics & Appliances, Telecom, IT Services & Solutions and Batteries & Power Industries etc.

The department has following skill development areas:

  • Embedded System Designs
  • Communication Techniques
  • Sensor Applications
  • PC based Laboratories
  • FPGA based application developments
Main objectives of the department
  • To develop students with theoretical and practical skills with recent developments in Electronics.
  • To develop research culture through various projects of students and teachers.
  • To prepare students for various curricular activities
  • To improve teaching methodology using ICT tools

There are six staff members in our Department in which three are Associate and three are Assistant Professors. Out of these staff members three staff members has completed M.Phil and one is NET qualified. Also department has one lab Assistant and one Lab Attendant.

The main aim of Department is to generate trained manpower with adequate theoretical and practical knowledge of the various facets of Electronics. Due care is taken to inculcate conceptual understanding in basic principles, materials, devices, circuits and products and development of appropriate practical skills suitable for industrial needs.

  • Preparing Electronic Science Students who acquire the knowledge and skills of Electronic Science and apply them in their future careers.
  • Providing the students with the foundations and skills necessary to pursue professional development in Electronic Science and related fields.