Mission of the Department

The mission of the Department is to impart knowledge and education related to ‘Application of Geography for ‘Teaching, Research & Extension Activities in the college for Students Empowerment, Institutional & Social Development’ with a dedication. The intake capacity at S. Y. Special level is 61 and 24 at PG level.

The key subfields studied at the department include Physical Geography, Human Geography, Geographic Information System (GIS), Remote Sensing (RS) and its interaction with society.

The teaching, learning process is accomplished through Laboratory Practical, Study Tour, Consultancy practices, and project work.

Brief History
  • A very old and renowned department
  • Founded in 1962 General level
  • 1971 Special level (B.A.)
  • 2007 PG Level
  • It is a post graduate teaching centre recognized by Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune since 2007.
  • It is the one of largest Geography Department in Ahemadnagar district and Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune comprising of 08 faculty members.
Awards & Recognitions to the Department & its Faculty
  • Best Department Award in College (Best 5S)-2010 for the effective work and smart departmental infrastructure. Young Geographer Award from Deccan Geographical Society, India in Dec 2010 and the
  • Inspiration Best Teacher Award in College (2019) to Mr. Sainath Aher and Best Teacher Award in College (2014) to Mr. Sandip Deshmukh.
  • Nearby, 10 research Projects are completed and 02 project financed by UGC, New Delhi is ongoing. Similarly, 32 research papers are published in various international and national journals.

The department has always been concerned about the natural and social environment employing Socio-Economic & Environmental Survey, Continues monitoring of Pravara River etc.

Level of Teaching


Specializations/optional courses

Economic Geography (PG)

Milestones in the Department of Geography
  • 1962 – Geography introduced in the College Pre. Degree level
  • 1971 – Geography introduced as a Special Subject with separate Department for Geography
  • 1974 – State and Out of state study tour/ Educational Tours for students started
  • 1995 – First National conference collaboration with ‘Mharastra Bhugolshasra Parisad"
  • 1991 – First Geography Day celebrate – chi gust Hon.Dr. C.D. Deshpande and S.R. Garsole
  • 2007 – Post Graduate Course started
  • 2007 – Entrance test for admission to M.A./M.Sc. started
  • 2008 – National conference on "Resent Trends of Geoinformatics"
  • 2015- B.Voc. Hopitality and Tourism started
  • 2018 – Started Certificate course in Geoinformatics
  • 2018- National conference on " Multi disciplinary approaches of Remote Sentencing and GIS"
Heads of the Department of Geography
  • 1961-1995 – Prof. P.M. Kamlapur
  • 1995-2006 - Prof. B.V. Joshi
  • 2006-2009 - Prof. Mrs. A.B. Bhangare
  • 2009 -2017- Prof. S.I. Bairagi
  • From 29th July 2017 - Prof. R.D.Gaikwad
  1. Space (Dimensions): 4933.52 Sq.Feet (458.52 Sq. meters)
  2. No of class rooms: 3
  3. Practical Laboratory: 1
  4. GIS / IT Laboratory: 1
  5. Departmental Library: 01
  6. Computer facility: 11 computers, 2 scanners, 3 printers
  7. LCD Projectors: 2
  8. LCD with Smart board: 01
  9. Subject related films: 12
  10. Subject related GIS Software: Geo-concept and QGIS
  11. Special instruments: Total Station, GPS, Theodolites, Mirror stereoscopes, fish finder, pocket automatic weather station
  12. Special facilities: Aerial photos and Satellite images, Weather Maps, Toposheets, Atlas, Maps, Village maps, Gazettes & census
  13. Rock Museum- Rocks collected by versus states in country during educational tours.
Courses run by the department
Level Course/Degree Intake Capacity
UG B.A. 61
PG M.A./ M.Sc. 24
Add-on - -
Other GIS Certificate Cource 20