Cultural Forum

Since the inception of the college, the Cultural Forum in the college has been functioning to provide the platform to give outlet to the potential of its students in various cultural activities such as singing, dancing and acting, etc.

Since the beginning itself, the Cultural Forum has maintained a long and rich tradition of motivating its students for their active participation in various forms cultural activities. To boost up the confidence of the students of the college through the guidance and success stories of the icons in the field of singing, dancing and acting, etc., the college has invited many iconic personalities fromHindi and Marathi film industry/ theatre including Raj Kapoor, Nargis, Arun Saranaik, Mohan Joshi, Jitendra Joshi, Makarand Anaspure, Sourabh Gokhale, Satish Tare, Kedar Shinde, Shrirang Godbole, Dr Girish Oak, Vijay Patwardhan, Milind Ingale.

Through this platform, the students of the college are trained and encouraged to participate in the activities like drama, One-Act Play, mime, skit, mimicry, singing, dance and other related fields.

The Cultural Forum has successfully organized Youth Festivals on district, university and state levels. The active and enthusiastic participation of the students in these different activities has been applauded through the Awards and General Championships on district, university and state levels received not only by its students but also by the Cultural Forum itself. Many of participant students have demonstrated their talent through Best Actor/Actress, Best Director, Best Drapery Awards they have received on different levels.

Owing to the motivation and encouragement through the platform provided by the Cultural Forum of the collegefor the aforesaid activities, many of the students of the college have succeeded in getting a break through in both Marathi and Hindi film industry and theatre in various roles.

The Activities organized by the Cultural Forum are as under:

  • Youth Festival
  • Theatre Performances (Drama, One-Act Play, Mime, Skit, Mimicry)
  • Singing (Classical Vocal Solo, Light Vocal, Group Song, Folksongs, Duets)
  • Classical Instrumental Solo
  • Dance (Folk and Tribal, Classical, Western, Hip-hop)
  • Literary Events (Quiz, Elocution and Debate)
  • Fine Arts (Spot painting, Collage, Poster-making, Clay-modelling, Cartooning, Rangoli, Mehndi, Spot photography)

Dr. Patil Jitendra Pitambar
Co-Coordinator, Cultural Forum

Dr. Ghodke Digambar Maruti
Co-Coordinator, Cultural Forum

Dr. Palve Balasaheb Manik
Co-Coordinator, Cultural Forum