The NCC Training

Following type of training are given to cadets by CTO Dr. Narendra D. Phatangare & Lt. Hemlata Tare, with the help of appointed PI staff of NCC unit. NCC parade is conducted every Thursday from 8.30 am to 12.30 pm in academic year excluding Diwali Vacation. Maximum 120 periods (20 Days) are held during the year.

Subjects during NCC training
  • Drill
  • Weapon Training- Infantry weapons and equipment
  • Field craft, Battle craft, Scout & Patrols
  • Map reading
  • Leadership & Adventure Training
  • Civil Defense and Self Defense
  • NCC organization
  • First aid
  • Administration of Camp and other
  • Miscellaneous: a) Ecology b) National Integration c) Social Service d) Adventure Training d) Organization of Home Guards