Procedure and Policies for maintenance of Physical facilities and academic support facilities

Maintenance of IT Facilities and Electrical Maintenance in the premises:

A team of six persons is entrusted with the work of maintenance of IT Facilities and Electrical Maintenance in the premises. Two of them are expert in computer hardware and software and two are experts in electrical jobs. One person is an expert welder. These five persons are in employment of the college having their own knowledge, skill and experience in the respective fields. Mr. Sachin Baheti from electronics department is entrusted with managing these personnel and getting the job done through them.

Watch and Ward:

To maintain discipline and void trace passers and unwanted elements in the premises an agreement was made with M/s Trigger Facilities. The said agency is providing security on a regular basis throughout the year.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Classrooms and the annexed area:

In order to maintain cleanliness in the premises especially classrooms an agency is appointed run by Shri Rajesh A Jedhe. An agreement is entered into whereby cleaning material would be provided by the institution and the agency will carry out cleaning and maintenance on day to day basis.

Cleaning of Urinals, Toilets and washrooms:

To maintain the cleanliness and hygienic conditions of urinals, toilets and bathrooms an agency is appointed run by Shri Rajesh Jedhe. The agency is required to carry out the cleaning job, twice a day round the year. The cleaning material will be provided by the institution and personnel would be arranged by the agency.

Estate manager:

A person Shri Kashid from non-teaching staff is entrusted to look after the management of the premises and its upkeep. He decides upon the duties of nonteaching staff and divides the work between them. He is responsible for the upkeep and all other infrastructure related problems.

Garden Maintenance:

The College is having beautiful landscape garden in addition to the botanical garden. Shri Damu Abhang who is an expert in gardening is looking after maintenance and upkeep of gardens. He mows, cuts and makes treatment on the trees and bushes in the gardens