Institutional Distinctiveness

Support to the students at the verge of drop out: Spread Knowledge unto the last

The vision, mission and quality policy of the institutions aim to provide quality education to the students to make them globally competitive. The vision emphasizes on the strong will to spread knowledge unto the last. In the pursuit to meet its vision and in the view of government policies, the institute and the management council have taken efforts to become financially self-sustainable to support students at the risk of drop out. Sangamner College was founded fifty nine years ago, in 1961, when there was no college available to the rural youth of this region. The college was founded with the aim of upliftment of the disadvantageous rural youth in all respects. Sticking to the vision, college has provided various opportunities for students from poor background from the establishment of the college.

Still in the recent years, students were at the risk of dropout due to rise in fee and discontinuation of Scholarships for OBCs for Professional courses by State Government. Thus, it has increased the financial burden on parents of students to send them for further study in higher education. The management of the college has taken the initiative to encourage the students from economically backward class to aspire for higher education through the ‘Vidyadhan Kalash Yojana’ (Endowment based scheme for financial assistance launched by the management). Through these needy students of the college are given financial support. A corpus fund of Rs. 1,10,66,800/ has been raised by the management council so that no poor student remains deprived of education just because he cannot pay the tuition fee. From the collected corpus fund every year number of students get benefited and have completed their higher education. So far 143 students got benefited with overall beneficiary amount of Rs. 22,88,980/-. So far 74 students out of 143 who have received financial assistance through this scheme and got the job are now started to repay the loan given to them so that this chain of financial assistance to the future student continues.

In addition to the ‘Vidyadhan Kalash Yojana’ College management have tried their best while satisfying the demand of work by increasing the share of college in addition to fund given by university as per the requirement of students. For this, College management has raised the corpus fund in the form of ‘Swabhiman Kosh’ of Rs. 71,000/ in the year 201617 which is then raised to 8,64,646/ in the year 201718 and 53,65,145/ in the year 201819. In the last three years about 1194 students has been benefited through this. Thus, institution has tried best to provide education to needy students without any kind of obstacles due to economic problem.