Board of Studies in Computer Science, Computer Application (Science) & Software Development (Vocational Degree)

1. Head of the Department concerned (Chairman) - Dr. Rajendra Shankarlal Laddha
2. The entire faculty of each specialization - Mrs. Talnikar H.V., Mrs. Khambekar R.S., Miss. Gite D.P., Mr. Kawade S.N., Mrs. Rahane S.S., Mr. Pachpind D.S., Miss. Shrama R.I., Mr. Gaikwad M.S., Mr. Sayyad A.A., Miss. Gadakh A.D., Miss. Satpute P.C., Miss. Wagh S.S., Miss. Kolhe V.V., Miss. Jondhale D.R., Miss. Pawase H.S., Miss. Bibave S.A., Miss. Khairnar S.J., Mrs. Karpe S.Y.
3. Two subject experts from outside the Parent University to be nominated by the Academic Council
Sr.No Name of the Teacher University Address, Email ID & Contact No.
1 Dr. Snehalata Bhikanrao Shirude K B C North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon School of Computer Sciences, KBC North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon
Contact No.: 9860911020, 9403587870
Email Id:
2 Dr. Sangar S. Jamborkar JNU, Delhi Dept. of Computer Science Rakesh Sharma,
Block NDA, Khadakwasala Pune- 411023
Contact No.: 9823268071, 7709709736
Email Id:
4. One expert to be nominated by the Vice-Chancellor from a panel of six recommended by the college principal
Sr.No Name of the Teacher University Address, Email ID & Contact No.
1 Dr. Sahebrao Nivrutti Shinde. Savitribai Phule Pune University 501 Aloha building, Gangapur Road, Nasik- 4220 013.
Contact No.: 9673374999
Email Id:
5. One representative from industry/ corporate sector/ allied area relating to placement
Sr.No Name of the Teacher University Address, Email ID & Contact No.
1 Mr. Sachin Ashok Patil Web Dreamworks (India) Pvt. Ltd., Director Plot 12, Kale Nagar 2, Pipeline Road, Anandvalli, Nasik -422 013
Contact No.: +91 9823144364
Email Id:
6. One postgraduate meritorious alumnus to be nominated by the principal. The chairman, Board of Studies, may with the approval of the principal of the college, co-opt

Mr. Suyog Shivaji Gunjal, Technical Specialist-Softwares
Cummins Tech. Pvt. Ltd. Pune.
Contact No.:8275522404
Email Id -

a. Experts from outside the college whenever special courses of studies are to be formulated

Dr. Hari Vitthal Dube, Assistant Professor, P.V.P. College,
Pravaranagar, Tal:-Rahata, Dist:-Ahmednagar.
Contact No.:9423039499

b. Other members of staff of the same faculty

Mr. Bhusal S. C.
Department of Electronic Science,
S. N. Arts, D. J. Malpani Comm. & B. N. S. Sci.
College (Autonomous) Sangamner – 422 605.

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